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Today I patched Joint Compound.

I took a wide trowel to the ceiling, intending to knock off the major peaks, a necessary stage before sanding. I found cracks running the length of the joint compound, many in the corner where to ceiling met the wall.

Why does joint compound never crack where it's convenient?

First there was the large stripe down the center, a narrow, straight crack that defied a simple swipe of the trowel, and demanded I build a berm and feather it into the surrounding ceiling.

Then there was the corner. A flat trowel was a better tool, as a right angle trowel would ave covered the area with another thick layer. I needed precision patching.

Now I must wait, and let the Joint Compound dry before patching again.

Post Rain Clutter
Washer and Dryer, covered in junk,
Debris and detritus, tools and supplies
All were once in the cabinet 
Under the boarded up window.

Water coming in
Soaking the floor and carpet
Ruining the carpet, leaving only
Rotted Rubber clinging to the cement

The cabinet warped by the rain,
Sits drying, still warped,
It's contents covering our washer and dryer
What a mess.
Post Flood Clutter


Pink Spackle Pink Spackle
This Pink Joint Compound turnes white as it dries, thus letting you see when it's safe to add the next layer. This Joint Compound is the "Pink Bubblegum Spackle" referred to in the SpackleBards LiveJournal Community. Please note, it is Joint Compound, and NOT Spackle, but "Bubblegum Joint Compound" doesn't have the same ring to it.


Water berates the ceiling, leaving
Drywall, edges ragged, jabbed with nails!

Joining compound set in corners,
Frustrating the ceiling's seams,


Caulk the window.
Welcome to spacklebards! Please feel free to introduce yourself by completing this spackle-inspired haiku:

Bubblegun spackle,
Dribble dribble on my arm,

What five-syllable stanza would you use to complete this haiku?
I spackle over my head,
Pink Spackle that dries white
A Blob Blorps onto my neck,
Pink streaked with white
Like a healing Hickie
I hope my wife doesn't see.